3 Things to Consider Before Undergoing a Mommy Makeover

By Dr. James White

Mommy Makeover is a term many cosmetic surgeons refer to when performing multiple cosmetic procedures in one session as a means for mothers to regain their “pre-baby figures”. Most often a mommy makeover involves cosmetic breast surgery, tummy tuck, labiaplasty or liposuction. The combination of procedures elected is unique to each patient’s aesthetic goals and is performed within the duration of one surgical session.

Electing to undergo multiple procedures at once serves beneficial to the patient as it can be both cost and time effective. When patients bundle their procedures, surgeons will often reduce their fee. This may also result in lower facility and anesthesia costs.

For most moms, downtime is hard to come by. With a mommy makeover, you don’t have to schedule separate recovery times for each treatment as you recover from all procedures at once. Not to mention, you get almost immediate gratification by having all of your trouble areas addressed and corrected within the same day. While all of this is exciting, there are some factors to consider before undergoing mommy makeover surgery.

1. Are you done having children?

A mommy makeover will not prevent future pregnancies from impacting your body. Yes, a mommy makeover can flatten your tummy and restore volume to breasts, but the undesirable conditions which resulted from previous pregnancies or breastfeeding may also result from pregnancies or nursing subsequent to mommy makeover surgery. Therefore, it is important to recognize that your results may be damaged if you ever decide to become pregnant or breastfeed again. This is why it is best to make sure you are done having children.

2. Have you achieved your desired weight?

Considerable weight fluctuations are not conducive to maintaining the results of liposuction, breast augmentation or tummy tuck surgery. Chances are, the majority of undesirable conditions present after pregnancy (stretched abdominal skin, sagging breasts) essentially resulted because of changes in weight. Make sure you have achieved your desired weight and have maintained it for at least 3 months. If weight continues to fluctuate after mommy makeover surgery, patients risk less than optimal results.

3. Can you arrange for proper recovery?

While recovering from mommy makeover surgery, most patients are given strict instruction to avoid lifting, bending or reaching. Such restrictions can last up to a month following the procedure. If you do not have anyone to help you care for your baby, it is not an ideal time to undergo the procedure. Some mothers may need to wait until the child is independent enough to feed and dress themselves during the recovery phase.

While a mommy makeover can work wonders for our patients, it is important to consider timing of the procedure. If you cannot follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions, you will not be satisfied with your results. If you are interested in mommy makeover procedures, call 423-648-4011 and schedule your complimentary consultation with our Board Certified Surgeons. For more information about mommy makeover surgery click here.

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