Preventative Botox

By Dr. James White

As most of us know by now, neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport work beautifully at smoothing crow’s feet, “11” lines and forehead wrinkles. However, many are oblivious to the preventative role Botox may play in an anti-aging strategy.

Although the majority of neuromodulator patients are over 35 years of age, an increasing amount of “20 somethings” are turning to Botox in an effort to prevent more pronounced formation of wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, according to a 2010 report released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS), 15.2 percent of individuals between the ages of 19 and 34 received this non-surgical alternative.

Neuromodulators work by reducing the muscle activity responsible for the formation of fine lines and wrinkles like those which surface when we squint or frown. The rationale behind preventative Botox is based on weakening the muscles responsible for crow’s feet and forehead lines in its early stages, before they develop into deeper, more permanent or more noticeable lines. The fear of many preventative patients is, essentially, that waiting until the lines have been etched into the skin, will result in a more costly and extensive treatment plan. Although not highly prevalent in our practice, we have treated some preventative patients. Such younger patients have reported notable satisfaction with their neuromodulator treatments. However, to reap the benefits, patients must perform routine maintenance every four to six months as the effects of Botox and Dysport are not permanent.

If aging is a significant concern to you, and you are already experiencing early signs of crow’s feet and frown lines, preventative Dysport or Botox may be a perfectly viable option. For the rest of you “20 somethings”, preventative, anti-aging measures can include habits as simple as consuming more nutritious food sources, getting a good night’s rest, refraining from tobacco use and limiting UV exposure in addition to wearing sunscreen. Above all, enjoy your youth!

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