Non Surgical Face Lift Before & Afters

Non Surgical Face Lift in Chattanooga, TN

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Looking for the benefits of a face lift but don’t want to undergo surgery? Fillers or Botox may be the perfect solution. Whether you are looking to plump your lips, reduce wrinkles or restore youth to your face, we have the filler for you.

JuvedermSelphyl and Radiesse, all FDA approved, require little or no down time and may prevent you from having to pursue more invasive procedures Also FDA approved, Botox is used to correct frown lines. Once injected, Botox relaxes the facial muscles that cause wrinkles.

PROCEDURE: Non Surgical Face Lift (Liquid Face Lift)

: Female

DESCRIPTION: This patient in Chattanooga , Tennessee wanted to rejuvenate her face without committing to the cost and recovery time of surgery. With a combination of Botox and facial fillers, years have been erased from her appearance. She is shown before and after a non-surgical facelift (liquid facelift) .