Hand Rejuvenation

By Dr. James White

Considered one of the most abused and exposed areas of the body,our hands can give away our age very quickly. Even if we have worked to maintain a youthful face, aged hands can often cause us to look older than we truly are. Thanks to advances in minimally invasive aesthetics, patients can restore youth to aged hands with quick minimally invasive office procedures.

Excessive exposure to sunlight, cleaning agents or daily wear and tear can leave the backs of the hands spotted, wrinkled and “boney” with visible veins. It is fair to say that the majority of symptoms related to aged hands include dark spots and deflated fatty tissue-allowing veins and tendons to protrude from the back of the hands. With a combination of dermal fillers, lasers and resurfacing treatments, your hands can look as youthful as the rest of your body.

Hand Rejuvenation with fillers

Just as fine lines and folds of the face can be filled and smoothed with dermal fillers like Perlane or Radiesse, “boney” hands can be plumped with such injectable treatments. Depending on the severity of deflation, the hands require 2 to 3 syringes to achieve a more youthful and smooth appearance. Such fillers can range from $400-$600 a syringe and take under an hour to complete. The effects of this treatment can last 1-2 years. Fat transfer can be completed from the abdomen. However, the fat has a tendency for reabsorption due to mobility of the hands.

Dark Spot Removal

In addition to frail looking hands, many patients also present with dark spots most likely caused by sun damage. To improve brown spots, photodynamic therapy, chemical peels or laser resurfacing are all considered effective methods of sun spot removal. Chemical peels and cryrotherapy can be completed to severe aging spots. At varying degrees of invasiveness, each of these treatments work by removing damaged layers of the skin to reveal more youthful, blended spot-free skin. The treatment protocol will depend on the severity of the condition, but typically the more extreme the condition, the more invasive the treatment. When possible, however, we try to present our patients with the least invasive solutions such as a few sessions of a mild chemical peel.

Often one of the most neglected in terms of cosmetic care, aged hands are almost impossible to conceal. Don’t let spotted, “boney” hands reveal your age, or even worse, give others the impression you are older than your chronological age. Get rid of the gloves and let your beautiful hands match your designer nail polish job.

If you are interested in exploring rejuvenation options for your hands, call to schedule a complimentary consultation at 423-648-4011.