FemTouch – Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

During  menopause or after childbirth, women begin to notice symptoms related to their vaginal health that affect their quality of life and lifestyle. Decreasing levels of the hormone estrogen can lead to unpleasant changes in the vagina. FemTouch™ is an innovative CO₂ laser treatment that is applied along the vaginal walls and delivers very gentle controlled ablation and coagulation of the vaginal lining for improved vaginal health.


Do I need FemTouch?

Countless women can benefit from this treatment if they struggle with:

• Vaginal dryness

• Vaginal laxity or a general lack of internal and external tightness

• Discomfort during sex

• Incontinence (urine leak) that is uncontrolled (such as when you are laughing or exercising)

femtouch laser vaginal rejuvenation

What is involved?

Each procedure begins with a consultation to assess your suitability as a candidate and any preexisting conditions. Treatments are offered based on your needs and goals and can include internal and external care. Once you begin the treatment you will find that it is: • Safe, simple and comfortable: the in-office procedure only takes a few minutes and requires minimal post-procedure care. No numbing or anesthesia is required! • Efficient: optimal outcomes can take place in as few as 2-4 sessions.

Dr. White and Toni Ryan, NP are happy to offer the FemTouch procedure in our office at Advanced Surgical Concepts. Your comfort, modesty and dignity are of utmost importance. The procedure is completed with an all female staff and chaperone. Call 423-648-4011 today!