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Beyonce image courtesy of Wikipedia

Beyonce image courtesy of Wikipedia

Throughout history, distinctive body shapes have been regarded as fashionable or desirable. With passing decades, body type trends have evolved. Depending on the era you live in, you may be lucky enough to naturally posses the figure coveted by mainstream society at any give time.

Back in the 1950’s, Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe made voluptuous, hourglass figures in vogue. Then, supermodel Twiggy hit the fashion scene in the 1960’s and completely altered beauty standards. As a result, it seemed for decades that thinner more waifish figures (in varying degrees) were considered to be the “ideal body type”. Shift to our current day in age and it appears curves have made a comeback with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Kate Upton reminding society of just how beautiful and feminine curves can be.

With curves trending in the main stream, it seems many female patients are seeking ways to attain more voluptuous breasts, plumper backsides and smaller waists (to emphasize an hourglass silhouette). While women with “boyish” physiques may not have been so lucky during the Maryiln Monroe era, aesthetic technology has come a long way. If you were not born with curves, modern-day technology allows patients to purchase them. Here are some of the cosmetic procedures intended to enhance curves.


Breast Augmentation-

Considered the most popular procedure in the field of cosmetic surgery, a breast augmentation can enhance the size and shape of one’s chest/breast. The procedure only takes 1-2 hours to complete and starts around $3800 depending on the type of implant used. Breast enlargement is one of the most common ways to provide a women with instant curves. The procedure is tried and true but breast implant preferences have definitely changed with the times. In the 1990’s, the trend was to go for a larger, more augmented look. Now, there is a movement towards more natural looking implants. Patients tend to go with a smaller sized shaped implant compared to those patients of the Pamela Anderson era.

Butt Enhancement-

Made popular by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, bigger bottoms seem to be all of the rage. While there are non-surgical ways to boost and build the glutes( like lunges and squats) surgical butt enhancement seems to be one of the fastest growing trends in cosmetic surgery. Surgical butt enhancement can be achieved by different approaches. Whether by fat transplants, gluteal implants or a surgical lift , the American Society of Plastic Surgeons projects that 13,373 Americans elected to augment their bottoms in 2013. Unlike breast augmentation which has been around for years, butt enhancement is a relatively new concept. Gluteal enlargement is regarded by many as the new frontier of cosmetic surgery. While exciting, there are still some uncertainties and reservations as they relate to the dependability and functionality of butt implants. Postoperative recovery requires patients to stay off of their glutes for weeks. This is impractical for many with jobs that require seated positions. Moreover, gluteal implants have a reputation for not staying in place. Unlike breast implants which can be placed under the muscle and contained by the overlying muscle, butt implants are sometime placed on top of the gluteal muscles.


Coveting that feminine hourglass silhouette? Abdominal/flank liposuction can help cinch and sculpt a smaller waist line…allowing womanly hips to pop. Liposuction of the abdomen can start around $2500 and recovery time is typically one to two weeks. Liposuction candidates must have a BMI of 31 or less and posses good skin quality. While liposuction is not a weight loss tool, it can be effective for spot reduction of fat deposits when diet and exercise alone fail to produce results.

While big bottoms are trendy now, keep in mind that, unfortunately, most trends go out of style. You should never undergo something as serious as cosmetic surgery to keep up with the trends. Your decision to complete surgery should only come after serious thought and consideration. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Board Certified Surgeons, call 423-648-4011. To view our before and after gallery, visit our website advsurgical.com

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Plastic Surgeon Chattanooga, Tennessee

While many prospective breast augmentation patients may have visions of sexier, skimpier brassieres on their mind and a trip to Victoria’s Secret on their post-op to-do list, breast implants actually require sufficient care and attention. Many of the breast patients we initially consult with in our practice have been misled to believe that “fake” breasts cannot sag like natural breasts and therefore , do not need complete support…….hence the new wardrobe of lacy bras that serve no function and provide no support are far from truth.

Although rare, breast implants can displace and descend below the original pocket. Also known as “bottoming out” , this complication occurs when there is not enough support to keep the implant in place. As a result, the implant drops low on the chest and causes the nipple to appear abnormally high on the breast mound. Not a natural or optimal look.

While any size or type of breast implant is susceptible to “bottoming out”, larger implants are more likely to pose this risk from shear weight. Implant placement also plays a factor in the likelihood of implant displacement. Implants placed above the muscle are more likely to descend than those placed completely under the muscle. Under the muscle provides more support with dense tissues. Also a factor is skin type as women with thin breast tissue are particularly at risk.

Bottoming Out: Prevention

The best way to prevent implant displacement is to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. Support, support, support. Because smoking can damage  skin elasticity, it is also advisable to refrain from nicotine and tobacco use. While it may be tempting to go bra-less, or only wear those cute lacy yet functionless bras, implants need proper support just as natural breast tissue. Cute and lacy may be used for limited amounts of time; but support bras should be a daily routine.


When performing high risk activities, breast augmentation patients should use common sense. Activities that involve excessive bouncing like running and horse-back riding will put extra pressure on breast tissue. Therefore, it is wise for patients to invest in highly supportive sports bras.

While breast implants are great for restoring youth, volume and perkiness of the breast, patients must take care of their investment so that their results remain aesthetically appealing. If you are interested in breast augmentation surgery, call 423-648-4011 and schedule your private, complimentary consultation with our Board Certified Surgeons.

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Plastic Surgeon Chattanooga, TennesseeIn 1992, a sense of panic overshadowed the credibility of breast augmentation surgery after the FDA removed silicone breast implants  from the market. The ban was enforced out of suspicion that the devices were responsible for connective tissue disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancer. As a result, saline became the go to material for breast implantation.   Fast forward more than twenty years, and you will notice a stark contrast in breast implant preference among women.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) , 72 percent of the implants used in breast augmentation surgery today are silicone. Based on such data, it is fair to say that silicone breast implants have become the more popular choice since their reintroduction to the market in 2006. But what distinguishes new silicone implants from the older form of silicone?

New Silicone Implants versus Old Silicone Implants


Differing from the implants used in the 1960’s thru 1990’s, the shell of  modernized silicone implants are more durable. They are so durable that their  rupture rates are practically negligible. In addition to an  improved implant shell or covering,  the actual silicone filling has transformed from a once oil-like substance to a  more cohesive,“gummy bear-like” silicone gel. As a result, free silicone implant leakage is nearly impossible.

While leakage or silicone migration instances are extremely rare, it is critical to note that  the inability of silicone implant deflation makes rupture detection difficult.  Unlike saline implant deflation where the water filling actually leaks and deflates, the only way to detect silicone implant breakage is by breast MRI.

After fourteen years of silicone implant research and an additional seven years of market use,   silicone breast implants have proven to be safe when used properly. However, whether you choose saline implants or silicone implants,  the devices are not constructed for lifetime use. It is recommended patients exchange their breast implants every ten years. To screen for possible silicone implant breakage, patients are  also advised to receive a breast MRI every three years.

Why is silicone more popular than saline?

So, why do the majority of patients and surgeons prefer silicone? Implant preference is often based on cosmetic reasons.  Silicone implants tend to look and feel more natural than saline implants. They also present less of a risk for visual rippling and capsular contracture.  Please note,  the FDA has not approved silicone implants for use in patients under 22 years of age.

If you would like to learn more about breast implant options, call 423-648-4011 and schedule a complimentary consultation with our Board Certified Surgeons or visit www.advsurgical.com

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By Dr. James White


While many cosmetic surgery candidates assume breast implant size is the only variable in breast augmentation outcome, they are misinformed. Breast implant type, shape and positioning also play an important role in breast enhancement cosmetic results.

Although a fair amount of patients are aware of the pros and cons of implant type (saline or silicone?) and size (small “C” cup or DD?), a vast majority of patients do not realize the role implant placement plays in the overall aesthetics of breast enhancement. In fact, breast implant placement can be executed through several different approaches. Primarily, they can be placed completely under the muscle (subpectoral), over the muscle subglandular or partial sub muscular (dual-plane).

Under the Muscle/Subpectoral

When a surgeon refers to “subpectoral” or “under the muscle” placement, this typically implies that the implant will be placed completely beneath the pectoralis muscle. This technique can be advantageous particularly for women with extremely thin tissue as this type of placement allows the entire implant to be camouflaged and padded by overlying muscle and existing breast tissue. As a result, wrinkling and rippling of the implants less likely. In addition, this technique greatly reduces the likelihood for capsular contracture (hardening of the breast due to the abnormal development of scar tissue of the capsule around the implant). Although this techniques has many advantages, it can cause more immediate postoperative discomfort and require longer recovery time than subglandular placement. Flex of the pectoralis muscle with submuscular implants can cause implant distortion.

Over the Muscle/Subglandular

Subglandular placement is executed by placing the implant over the pectoralis muscle directly under the breast tissue . While this technique may not require as long of a recovery and less postoperative discomfort as subpectoral placement, the chances for capsular contracture are greatest with this approach. At our practice, subglandular placement is not the preferred method not only due to potential for capsular contracture but also because of the potential for visible implant rippling and a less natural feel of the breast implant. However, it can prove beneficial for extremely athletic patients such as bodybuilders who are more susceptible to muscular distortion which can occur when the implant is placed under the muscle.

Dual-plane/Partially under the muscle

When a patient exhibits a slight droop of the breast, often due to deflation of the breasts after a pregnancy or weight loss, yet still possesses good skin quality, we often prefer to perform a dual-plane breast augmentation. A dual-plane placement allows for the upper portion of the implant to be covered by the pectoralis muscle while the lower portion of the implant is only subglandular. This technique provides a gentle lift, without the need for a more invasive breast lift and the scarring and discomfort that a formal breast lift entails. Even better, this technique still has a low likelihood of capsular contracture formation, the best of both worlds.

In order to accurately determine the most beneficial placement for your unique body, it is necessary to consult with a Board Certified Surgeon experienced in breast augmentation surgery. To book a private complimentary consult with our Board Certified Surgeons, call 423-648-4011.

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breast implants Chattanooga, TennesseeFrom a superficial standpoint, it is widely recognized that breast augmentation is effective in providing greater volume ,improved shape and better symmetry. Recently, however, a study proved the effects of breast enhancement extend to more substantial, internal benefits.

Patients who receive surgical breast implants cite improved quality of life according to the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

During the study, forty-one females completed questionnaires before and after breast implant surgery. The questionnaires were created to evaluate six components associated with quality of life. Ultimately, more than 80 percent of the participants reported “significant improvement” through indicators of well-being and satisfaction. Interestingly enough, satisfaction and gains in quality of life were considered great when compared to results reported by hip replacement study participants.

When trying to make sense of this phenomenon, American culture may play a crucial role. As ideals for feminine beauty are concerned, our society can be quite harsh. When women perceive themselves as “flat-chested” or “boyish”, their self-worth may be negatively effected. Such insecurities can impact one’s ability to enjoy life. Tropical vacations, parties and even everyday activities can be less gratifying for women insecure with their breasts.

Considered one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the US, more than 300,000 women received cosmetic breast augmentation in 2011. Two-thirds of those women chose silicone implants.

Just as we invest in our well-being by paying for gym-memberships or purchasing health food and supplements, breast enhancement surgery is an investment that can provide long-term benefits. Confidence and satisfaction with one’s body image can enhance other areas of our lives.

If you are interested in seeing what breast augmentation can do for, call 423-648-4011 to schedule your complimentary consultation with our Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons.

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cosmetic surgery Chattanooga, TennesseeYou have been good all year…why not treat yourself to a long-term investment like cosmetic surgery for the holidays? Unlike designer handbags and shoes which eventually go out of style, looking fabulous and improved self-esteem never gets old. Plus, colder weather and more time off during the holidays allows for ideal recovery conditions. Here are some procedures we have found popular in our practice this time of year.

Face Lift and Laser Resurfacing

A Facelift is a surgical procedure used to lift sagging facial tissues to a higher more youthful position. Most facelift procedures address the SMAS [underlying fibrous tissues of the face/neck], the platysma [neck muscle] and the skin of the face/neck. Confirming what we have seen in our Cosmetic Surgery practice for years, a study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery revealed that patients looked an average of 9 years younger than their actual age after receiving facial rejuvenation procedures like facelift surgery. More recently, it was proven through scientific research that more than five years after facelift surgery, three-fourths of patients still look younger than they did before surgery. For optimal results, many patients combine facelift surgery with laser skin resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing is a less-invasive yet effective way to correct sun damage exhibited by age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Laser treatments use thermal technology to remove the damaged, superficial layers of skin to ultimately reveal more fresh and youthful skin.

While recovering from facial rejuvenation procedures like laser resurfacing and facelift surgery, patients are instructed to avoid sunlight exposure. The shorter days of winter make such post-op recommendations more ideal and feasible . After all, many patients will see minimal sunlight given it is dark during their daily commutes. Even more, between sunny vacations, boating and a plethora of outdoor activities, avoiding the summer sun is almost impossible for many thus making winter a practical choice for facial rejuvenation procedures.

Body Contouring through liposuction and breast augmentation

Liposuction removes excess fatty tissues to reveal a trimmer silhouette while breast augmentation, by surgical implantation, can provide feminine curves by providing shape and volume. Although sun exposure is not particularly an issue in regards to liposuction and breast enhancement recovery , patients are required to wear post-operative garments while healing. Wearing such garments in the hot summer months can be uncomfortable and difficult to conceal. Even more, patients may not feel comfortable baring their bodies in skimpier clothing until they have fully healed. Cold weather attire allows for easy concealment of compression garments and bandages.

An added benefit to undergoing cosmetic surgery during this time of year, is more ample recovery time. With extra time off from school or work, the holidays allow many patients extra downtime. Many cosmetic surgery procedures require a 1 to 2 week recovery period in which many patients do not feel comfortable being seen in public. To ensure recovery time without having to ask for additional time away from school or work, many individuals book their surgery over Christmas vacation.

If you have been seriously contemplating cosmetic surgery, you may want to consider scheduling your procedure within the next few months. As an added incentive, many cosmetic surgery practices offer holiday specials. Until January 31, 2013, we are offering a discounted rate on silicone breast implants. To schedule your complimentary consultation, call 423-648-4011.

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breast augmentation Chattanooga, Tennessee

Q.What kind of breast enlargment surgery gives results closest to natural appearance and feel?

A. There are multiple types of breast enlargement procedures. Fat transfer, saline or silicone implants can all be used to augment breast size. Providing the most natural appearance, fat transfer to the breast can enlarge the breast but only by 1 cup size . In terms of safety, the jury is still out . Your best chances for natural looking breast augmentation results are by means of silicone implants placed under the muscle using a duel plane technique.

Q.What’s the age requirements for breast implants?

A. Breast implant regulations can vary state to state; but in general patients can get saline breast implants at 18 years of age. Patients must be 22 years of age in order to get silicone implants. This age restriction was placed by the FDA upon the most recent approval by the FDA regarding silicone breast implants.

Q.What are the long term risks of getting breast implants?

A. Patients who receive breast implants have a 1 in 5 chance of additional breast surgery. Repeat surgery most often includes implant exchange, implant removal, pocket revision, breast lift, capsular contraction and removal of leaking saline implants. Breast implants are not intended as a lifetime device and , as recommended by most manufacturers, should be replaced every ten years.

To view our breast augmentation before and after gallery, visit www.advsurgical.com.

Call 423-648-4011 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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Have you ever wondered what you would look like with breast implants? Or, maybe you are seriously considering breast augmentation but are unsure of just how much larger you would like to go.

Our practice is proud to announce the arrival of the new Crisalix 3D breast imaging simulator to our private, breast augmentation consultations. This cutting edge technology helps patients by taking the guesswork out of size and style selection.

Using photos uploaded to a computer from a digital camera and a few measurements of the patient , the Crisalix preview technology reconstructs the patient’s body in 3D . The patient then can make endless adjustments to implant size and style to preview how it will look from a 3D perspective. This technology is the world’s first physical 3D simulator . Integrating properties of the muscle, skin, fat and glandular parts , this technology allows for realistic detail never achieved before.

To celebrate the addition of this technology to our practice, we are currently offering silicone breast implants to first time breast augmentation patients for $3775. Breast augmentation surgery must be completed from November 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013. Certain restrictions apply, so call our office at 423-648-4011 for more details.

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breast implants Chattanooga, Tennessee

Are silicone implants dangerous?

Once deemed as unsafe, silicone breast implants were reintroduced to the market with the approval of the FDA in November of 2006. Since then, silicone implants have grown in popularity and remain supported by the FDA as a safe and effective device when used as intended.

What do breast implants feel like? Will they feel real?

The way your implants feel will depend on the type of material your breast implant is composed of. Typically, silicone gel implants most closely mimic the look and feel of real breast tissue while saline will feel a bit different from silicone implants and natural breast tissue. If you want your breast augmentation to produce the most realistic feel possible, silicone is the preferred choice. During your complimentary consultation with our Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons, you will be given the opportunity to feel the difference between silicone and saline implants.

Is it too late to have breast implants for this swimsuit season?

It is definitely not too late to show off your new look this summer. Two to three weeks after breast augmentation surgery, most patients are able to reveal their new,improved look. Please note, however, that complete healing will continue for weeks to follow.

Will others be able to tell I have had breast augmentation surgery?

The look of your new breasts will be dependent upon multiple factors such as type of implant , placement/location of implant and surgical technique. If you are going for a subtle effect, our surgeons will probably recommend using silicone implants placed under the muscle. Our cosmetic surgeons will never force you to go larger in size than you feel comfortable. For the most part, we can make your breast implants as noticeable or as subtle as you prefer.

Will I have Scars?

Wherever an incision is made, a scar will form. However we include post-op laser treatments in your procedure costs. Upon completion of laser scar treatments, most patients can no longer see any signs of the incision site.

Call 423-648-4011 to schedule your FREE breast augmentation consult with our Board Certified Surgeons.

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Year after year, cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity among Americans. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of cosmetic surgery patients in the US has increased over 197 percent since 1997. Below is a list of some of the most demanded cosmetic procedures last year. We offer all of these procedures in our AAAHC- accredited, surgical facilities.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift, also known as a Mastopexy, is a surgical procedure intended to position “sagging” breasts higher on the chest. It is a very popular procedure among mothers who have experienced undesirable changes in their breasts after weight fluctuation and breast feeding.

A breast lift is typically a two hour procedure in which an incision is made around the nipple, vertically under the nipple and in the horizontal crease of the breast. Then, the breast tissue is reshaped and excess skin is removed. Before the incisions are closed with sutures, the nipple and areola are repositioned. Following this procedure, scarring at the incision will be present. However, scarring should significantly fade after laser treatment, which we include in the patient’s procedure costs. Scarring also fades with time.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

For added fullness and volume, many patients elect to combine a Mastopexy with breast implants. This provides optimal results for patients who have experienced both volume loss and dropping of lax skin. Breast implants are ideal for increasing the size of the breast, balancing size asymmetry or restoring post-pregnancy volume loss. This outpatient procedure takes only one to two hours to complete. Once an incision is made, a saline or silicone implant is inserted. The incision can be made under the breast, around the nipple, in the armpit or in the belly button.

Cosmetic Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Cosmetic eyelid lift surgery is effective in correcting droopy, hooded or puffy eyelids. This procedure continues to gain popularity because the eyes are such a prominent facial feature. Tired or droopy eyes can add years to one’s perceived age. Luckily, Blepharoplasty surgery has been proven to erase years from one’s face.

During an eyelid lift, fat, excess skin and muscle are removed from the upper and lower eyelids. The procedure eliminates the eye’s droopy and puffy appearance and can improve the patient’s vision. In fact, insurance often covers the cost of Blepharoplasty surgery if the patient can prove loss of vision due to droopy eyelids. In many cases, patients combine eyelid lift surgery with brow and face lifts.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Considered one of the most popular procedure for mommies, a tummy tuck is especially effective for patients who have stretched the abdominal muscles and skin beyond non-surgical repair . During a tummy tuck, the abdominal area is tightened and the excess skin covering the abdominals is removed. Before undergoing this procedure, it is important for patients to accept that they will have a horizontal scar at the incision site in the pelvic region (which can often be concealed even in relatively revealing swimwear).


Liposuction is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the United States. This procedure involves the removal of fat from deposits beneath the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube (called a cannula) with the assistance of a powerful vacuum. Liposuction should not be used as a “weight loss” tool but as a means to provide a better contour to those healthy individuals that exercise, eat healthy and have a BMI of 30 or below yet still have “fatty deposits” in trouble areas. Common areas treated by liposuction include upper and lower abdomen, the flanks (love handles), outer and inner thighs, inner knees, arms, “bra rolls”, and under the chin.

If you are interested in any of these procedures, call 423-648-4011 to schedule your private consultation.

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