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Let’s face it: most of us would love to lose some “lbs.”. Yet, unfortunately, many of us are unsuccessful in our attempts to slim down. As a result, we learn to dress in a way which conceals our trouble areas and accentuates our leaner features. What if, however, one of the your trouble areas exists in the facial region (think..double chin, chubby cheeks)? You can’t exactly compress your chipmunk cheeks with a pair of Spanx. Fear not. The field of aesthetics has you covered. Below are three ways to slim and sculpt your face.

1. Buccal Fat Removal
Everyone is born with fatty tissue in the lower facial region known as buccal pads. These buccal pads provide a youthful, “baby face” effect. For some, however, they create a “chipmunk” or “chubby” cheeked appearance. This is adorable on children and many will grow out of this phase . For those who do not, self-esteem issues can develop. As a result, many individuals will feel they look overweight or unattractive. Buccal fat pad removal is a procedure that involves removing the oversized fat pads to achieve a more chiseled look to the cheek, essentially hollowing the area. While this can provide great contouring to qualified candidates, this can also “age” some. This is why it is important to discuss your concerns with an experienced surgeon. Buccal Fat removal is completed with very small incisions inside the mouth with minimal scarring.

2. Facial Liposuction
The double-chin is a common complaint for many. Even those who are physically fit struggle with this stubborn, fat deposit. Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce the double-chin with exercise or diet. You can , however, with liposuction. Liposuction surgery can be performed to remove fatty deposits under the chin and on the jawline. It is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure that only takes 30 minutes to an hour to perform. Upon recover, which typically lasts a few days, swelling will be present. It is crucial to wear a compression garment until the swelling subsides. Laser addition to standard liposuction can result in skin tightening at the site.

3. Chin Implant
A small, weak chin can often cause one’s face to appear round and undefined. A chin implant can alter facial structure and provide a more aesthetically pleasing shape. As an added bonus, it can reduce the appearance of a double-chin and cause the nose to appear smaller. While very subtle, chin augmentation can provide effective results. The procedure costs around $3000 and takes only an hour to perform. Unlike breast implants, chin implants are approved for lifetime use which means you never have to replace the device. We have had many pleased chin augmentation patients at our practice and the procedure is considered one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries to date. Many are deeming it “the new boob-job”. Chin implants are most commonly solid silicone, placed through a very small incision below the chin and can be completely reversed.

If you want to learn more about any of these slimming procedures, call 423-648-4011 and schedule a private consultation with one of our Board Certified Surgeons. Don’t let a case of “chipmunk cheeks” and “double chins” keep you from looking your best.

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