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BrowLift And Blepharoplasty Before After Chattanooga

It seems more men are seeking cosmetic surgery as a means to regain their confidence and maintain a competitive edge over their younger colleagues in the cut-throat workforce. From Botox and liposuction to hair restoration and face lifts, men are feeling an increasing amount of pressure to look youthful and fit.

Typically, one of the first places we show signs of aging is our eyes…the first feature many will notice. As many men approach their fifties, they begin to exhibit hooded upper eyelids or sagging brows. This tends to result in an angry, sad or sleepy appearance. While a brow lift can correct these conditions, eye rejuvenation needs to be tailored specifically to accommodate each sex as fundamental differences exist between the structure of a female’s eyebrow versus a male’s. Males seeking this surgery run this risk of looking feminine if they do not select their surgeon carefully. Just because a surgeon has proven himself competent at female brow lifts does not mean he is also proficient at male eye rejuvenation.

If you compare the facial features of a man against those of a woman, you will notice many subtle differences. Observing the eyebrows, there is not only a difference in shape but in positioning as well. Females have a higher brow arch while men have little to no arch. As both sexes age, their brows begin to gradually droop. For men, eyebrows that once sat directly on the brow bone descend below the brow bone. As a women ages, her brows will descend from above the brow bone down to the brow bone. This position change may only be millimeters; but what a difference in facial aesthetics.

As far as eyelids are concerned, males naturally posses heavier upper eyelids than females. This makes men more susceptible to early vision interference due to “hooded lids”. When performing eye rejuvenation on males, it is critical that the selected surgeon has the ability and attention to detail to distinguish the traits which make a brow or eyelid either masculine or feminine.

With such considerations in mind, we approach male eye rejuvenation differently from female eye rejuvenation. With male patients, we are careful to excise less skin, aiming to reposition the brow only to the brow bone, while also maintaining a masculine shape. If you have ever witnessed a bad example of a forehead lift on a man, his brows were most likely re-positioned too high. Also, the surgeon may have imposed a feminine effect on him by arching his eyebrows. This is why it is critical to review before and after photographs of work that has been completed by the surgeon you are considering. Does he/she have examples of male eye rejuvenation in his portfolio? Do you like what you see? Choose your surgical artist well. Chesk out our before and after gallery at ADVSurgical.com.

Eye rejuvenation surgery can be a very powerful tool to turn back the hands of time. If you are interested in exploring brow or eyelid lift treatment, call 423-648-4011 and schedule your complimentary consultation with our Board Certified Surgeons.

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