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facial rejuvenation ChattanoogaA poll of an estimated 2,000 individuals concluded that men are perceived as “old” five years later than women. Even more, men are considered attractive at an older age. This comes as no surprise to us as recent data confirms a suspicion we have had all along. According to a national poll released by Allure, the aging process is , well, sexist. Essentially, the visual effects of aging take a greater toll on females than males.

For example, the poll found 30 years of age to be the prime aesthetic age for females whereas 34 years was concerned the aesthetic prime for males. While poll participants found gray hair an attractive feature on males- making them appear more “distinguished”- the participants found gray hair on females unflattering.

“People overwhelmingly said they were concerned about the effects of aging. They were concerned about how it would affect their attractiveness to the opposite sex and particularly with women, how aging would affect their career,” explained the poll director, Kristin Perrotta . (nydailynews.com)

With the help of advances in cosmetic surgery, women no longer have to feel helplessly imprisoned to their age. Gray hair is easily changed by hair coloration. No matter what the concern, droopy eyes, jowls or fine lines, there is an effective treatment. Even better, cosmetic procedures have become more affordable. With the availability of more non-surgical (more affordable) alternatives like Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, laser resurfacing and dermal injectable fillers, and financing programs specifically for cosmetic procedures, cosmetic surgery is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. In fact, 42 percent of the female poll participants admitted they would consider cosmetic surgery. The taboo is fading.

On a more hopeful note, Perrotta expressed, “People did overwhelmingly have a much more positive view towards aging and toward themselves and their look as they grew older.” (nydailynews.com). Take home message, embrace aging-gracefully… Not!!! Fight it every step of the way. If not for the original sin and fall of Adam, we would have perfect bodies. Aging is part of our fall from Grace. It is no wonder that we want to fight the aging process.

If you would like to appear more youthful, refreshed and vibrant, call 423-648-4011 to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Board Certified Surgeons. During consultation you will be educated in regard to multiple options for rejuvenation. You will leave the office with a firm quote so that you can go home to pray about your options.

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Varicose Vein Treatment ChattanoogaAs many as one in three Americans experience spider veins and varicose veins. A common misconception we must often address at our practice is the myth that spider veins are synonymous with varicose veins and that all varicose veins are “cosmetic”. This is simply not true.

Although venous high pressure, defective valves within the veins and weak walls of the veins are responsible for both varicose veins and spider veins, this is where the similarities end. These disorders are two distinct medical conditions which require two distinct treatment protocols. Spider veins are cosmetic while varicose veins can be cosmetic or medical depending on severity and or symptoms. Spider veins have no effect on health, just appearance. Varicose veins can be associated with symptoms which affect health and limit activities of daily living.

Not sure which vein condition you have? These guidelines may help ….

Spider Veins

  • small, thin looking lines
  • resemble a sunburst, spider web, or tree with branches
  • red or blue in color
  • found on the face, ankles, feet and thighs
    close to the skin’s surface

Varicose Veins

  • bulging rope-like cords
  • blue, flesh toned, or purple in color
  • generally solitary- not grouped
  • can raise the skin
  • found on the legs, anywhere from the groin to the ankle

Spider Vein Treatment

Fortunately, spider veins are not as serious of a condition as varicose veins and are typically considered cosmetic when asymptomatic. Sclerotherapy and topical laser therapy can be used to reduce the appearance of these unsightly veins. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a foamy chemical solution into the spider veins. With time, these injections cause the spider veins to shrink and gradually fade away . Topical laser is used for the smallest spider veins called T-matts. This is useful for spider veins of the face. The usual cost for sclerotherapy starts around $350 per session. Laser sessions start at $100 per session. For optimal results, patients usually require a minimum of four sessions depending on the severity of the spider veins.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Contrary to popular fallacy, varicose veins are not simply cosmetic but can lead to serious medical conditions. Varicose veins can be accompanied by symptoms such as pain, burning, fatigue or tenderness. The number one cause for the symptoms of restless leg syndrome is varicose veins. Ranging from vein stripping surgery to laser vein ablation, a wide variety of varicose vein treatment exists. Most experienced vein surgeons strive to provide patients with only minimally invasive techniques when possible—Endovenous laser ablation or Radiofrequency ablation closure. Vein removal by means of radiofrequency or laser ablation are among the least invasive yet highly effective treatments. These treatments are covered by most major insurance providers when medical criteria for treatment are identified.

To accurately determine and diagnose your vein condition, schedule an evaluation with a physician experienced in vein treatment. Look for surgeons who are Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery and Diplomats of the American Board of Phlebology—the study of veins and venous diseases. Check out information sites like the American Venous Forum and the American College of Phlebology.

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