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With less daylight and more time spent indoors lounging around, winter lends itself as an ideal opportunity for facial cosmetic surgery procedures. In this week’s Q&A , Dr. White answers some commonly asked facial rejuvenation concerns.

How can I fix the overlapping skin on my eye lid?

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove overlapping skin of the upper eyelid. Sometimes medically necessary, it is also completed for cosmetic reasons. As with any surgery, do your homework. Look at online reviews . Ask other patients. Eyelid surgery is both art and science; but in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result, art is most important. Look at before and after images. Field of vision testing can determine if the procedure is cosmetic or medically necessary.

Is it true if you put human placenta on your face it gives an instant facelift?

There is a new cream, derived from stem cells of human placentas, posed to encourage faster regeneration of skin cells. Rather than using liquefied placentas, boiled to about 220 degrees (F), RNL Bio uses the active cells of natural placenta that are more efficient in stimulating the skin. The cream does not contain actual stem cells, only human proteins . However, no solid,scientific evidence exists at this point which supports human placenta as an effective rejuvenation technique.

What questions should I ask my surgeon about chin augmentation surgery?

You should ask your surgeon what type of implant will be used and if the implant will be fixed in position. Location of the incision is also crucial information. You may want to discuss possible risks like infection, nerve irritation [marginal mandibular nerve, mental nerve], bleeding, implant rejection and bone re-absorption by implant pressure.

Whats a good ,non-surgical treatment for facial wrinkles?

Your solution will ultimately depend on the location, amount and severity of wrinkles. There are various treatments for facial wrinkles. Topical retinoids can aid in the prevention of fine lines while neuromodulator treatments like Botox and Dysport can temporarily reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines. Hyaluronic acid fillers are effective in temporarily addressing smile lines or smoker’s lines by restoring volume. Chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing are also used to rejuvenate damaged skin.

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What is the best way to get rid of my double chin?

Laser liposuction is very effective to reduce chin fat deposits and cause skin tightening. Laser is used to heat the undersurface of the skin causing the skin to heal and tighten. Liposuction is used to sculpt and contour the neck reducing the double chin. Evaluation is necessary to make sure that the chin is appropriate in size to bring the face to harmony. A chin implant could help.

According to new research conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin implant surgery is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the US. Unlike breast implants, which are not intended as permanent devices, chin implants are intended to last a lifetime which means the patient will not ever have to replace the chin implant device.During a chin augmentation (mentoplasty), a small incision is either placed under the jawline, lower lip or inside the mouth at the gum line. A solid, silicone implant is then inserted into the stretched incision. Finally, the incision is sewn together with sutures. When the incision is made inside the mouth, sutures are not visible.

Whether a conscious or subconscious act, we are all sensitive to the shape and dimension of our own face and the faces of others. When the balance is pleasing, the eye and the mind are attracted to the faces of others. When they are out of proportion, we tend to consider them unattractive. Liposuction in conjunction with chin implants can restore balance and contour to the face allowing for a visually pleasing result.

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How much do you really know about those unsightly, ropey veins? This week, with the help of rethinkvaricoseveins.com, we help you decipher fact from fiction.

vein treatment in Chattanooga

Myth: Varicose vein treatment is a cosmetic issue , not a medical necessity.

Fact: Varicose veins, though often thought of as a cosmetic nuisance, can actually progress to a more serious form of venous disease called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). CVI is a progressive disease that can result in increasingly serious signs and symptoms if not treated, including leg pain, swelling, restlessness4, skin damage and ulcers. And, as a treatable condition, varicose veins can be addressed by various minimally-invasive treatments before they progress.

Myth:Varicose veins and CVI treatments are just too expensive to consider.

Fact:Because varicose veins and CVI are recognized as clinical conditions, most insurance plans will cover treatment.

Myth: Spider veins are the same thing as varicose veins.

Fact: Spider veins, like varicose veins, are caused by dysfunctional vein valves. However, spider veins appear as a nest of blue or red veins just under the surface of the skin, and typically do not bulge above the skin’s surface like varicose veins. Varicose veins are a sign of venous disease and should be diagnosed and treated by a vein specialist to avoid progression to CVI. It is recommended that people seek professional advice for both spider veins and varicose veins.

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breast augmentation Chattanooga, Tennessee

Q.What kind of breast enlargment surgery gives results closest to natural appearance and feel?

A. There are multiple types of breast enlargement procedures. Fat transfer, saline or silicone implants can all be used to augment breast size. Providing the most natural appearance, fat transfer to the breast can enlarge the breast but only by 1 cup size . In terms of safety, the jury is still out . Your best chances for natural looking breast augmentation results are by means of silicone implants placed under the muscle using a duel plane technique.

Q.What’s the age requirements for breast implants?

A. Breast implant regulations can vary state to state; but in general patients can get saline breast implants at 18 years of age. Patients must be 22 years of age in order to get silicone implants. This age restriction was placed by the FDA upon the most recent approval by the FDA regarding silicone breast implants.

Q.What are the long term risks of getting breast implants?

A. Patients who receive breast implants have a 1 in 5 chance of additional breast surgery. Repeat surgery most often includes implant exchange, implant removal, pocket revision, breast lift, capsular contraction and removal of leaking saline implants. Breast implants are not intended as a lifetime device and , as recommended by most manufacturers, should be replaced every ten years.

To view our breast augmentation before and after gallery, visit www.advsurgical.com.

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hair transplant Chattanooga, Tennessee

Q.Propecia is not working and I am still losing hair. What can I try next?

A.Hair transplant
The best treatment for hair loss in men and women is transplantation of hair from the back of the head to the area of hair loss. The hair from the back regions of the head are genetically designed to remain in place despite hormonal changes. Transplantation can be completed by strip harvest of by [FUE] follicular unit extraction. Transplantation is completed most naturally as single hairs.

Q.I have extreme hair loss/painful/itchy scalp.I now see my scalp.What can I do other than Rogaine that is effective? Can this be serious how can I tell?

A.Physician exam
Loss of hair with a painful, itchy scalp could be associated with multiple problems. Physician review is a must. Hold on the Rogaine until you have an accurate diagnosis for your hair loss. Rogaine may even cause itchy skin and irritation. Consider review by a Dermatologist or Hair transplant surgeon.

Q.How do I find the best hair transplant surgeon?

A.Do your homework
As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, do your homework. Check out surgeons who are associated with the International Society for Hair Restoration. Look at on line reviews -/+. Ask other patients. Hair restoration is both art and science; but art is most important. Look at before and after images. Certification and experience can guide you in your decision. Choose well. Do not rule out travel

Q.Is hair restoration surgery successful?

A.Yes and No
Hair restoration surgery can be very successful. It is the only treatment proven to restore hair long term. Expectation is key. Hair restoration surgery will NEVER replace the hair density that patients have in the posterior scalp or donor area. Planning for hair restoration is of most importance taking into consideration the age of the patient, future hair loss expectations and overall expectations.

Q.Could my son qualify for a hair transplant even if he is only 17?

Cosmetic surgery for children younger than 18 years of age requires parental permission in most states. Having said that, your son needs to have a formal evaluation in regard to hair loss. Formal review with consideration for hormone testing, thyroid testing, nutrition testing as well as general blood counts and electrolyte review. Diagnosis and prognosis is important prior to surgery options.

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